Basic Survival

Jul 21, 2022    Dran Reese

Emergency Preparedness

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

We are dealing with so many threats:

Tornado Earthquake Major FreezingElectrical Blackouts  Cyber AttacksBiological Plagues PandemicsHomegrown TerrorismHurricane Flooding Fire

We can become a victim - cry for help - or be proactive, sensible and prepared to the best of our ability.

Food Supply Chain

Supply Chain issues ramped up during COVID. Now, there is US and China trade friction, Ukraine-Russia War, shortage of workers, rising manufacturing costs. Tyson Foods took out full-page ads saying, “The food supply chain is breaking”The answer to this supply chain issue is for us to start manufacturing in America.

Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the US and the second largest funder of the World Health Organization. What do they know that we do not?

Woe to you who build field to field, house to house and leave nothing left. (Isaiah 5:8)

Of all the people, it is we who understand that suffering is part of God’s plan to perfect us.

Get your own house in order. And keep in mind the only real preparation is knowing Jesus. 

Ready America - The Disaster Supply Professionals

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