How to Turn the Tables on Bad Arguements

Jul 20, 2022    Dr. Frank Turek

Bad arguments:

Why are you Christians judging?There is only my truth.

How do we turn the tables on these and other bad arguments?

So many of the left’s bad arguments are self-defeating (e.g., “There is no truth.”) But is that true?

Turn the left’s claim on itself.

Left: All truth is relative.

Reply: Is that statement relative/true?

There is no such thing as “my truth” and “your truth.” There is only truth. Similarly, there is not “my math” and “your math” - but only math.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Therefore, lack of truth brings bondage.

Left: Don’t impose your values on me.

Reply: All laws impose value judgment on the population. And, our legal system just happens to be built on the Creator’s morality (see the Declaration of Independence).

We do not want to legislate our morality. We want to legislate the truth (math, gravity, eternal moral principles per the Declaration).

Whose morality will we legislate? Those that work and those we recognize in the Declaration of Independence: “all men endowed with rights, from … our Creator.”

What did Jesus say about “judging”?

Read it in context and it says that whatever measure we use to “judge” will be applied to us.Jesus does not tell us not to judge, but rather how to judge, and what will happen to us if we do it improperly. is Frank’s website. Check it out!

Related Biblical principles to consider:

1 Peter 3:15 (Be prepared to give an answer)John 17:17 (God’s Word is true)John 8:31-32 (God’s Truth will set you free)Colossians 2:8,20-23 (World’s “truths” are wrong)John 14:6 (Jesus is the Truth)Romans 2:14-15 (Everyone has a conscience)Matthew 7:1-5 (No hypocritical judgment)