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Well Versed - Who We Are Party Platform Comparisons
Biblical Governance Starts With Becoming Well Versed

We “bring biblical principles of governance for government leaders.” The world is in crisis. Human institutions are failing. Everyone knows it.

Human suffering, pain and poverty will only be reduced once nations follow the biblical principles of governance. Only eternal and transcendent truths will produce peace and prosperity in nations.

Comparison of the
Democrat and Republican Platforms

Voting is a privilege. It is also a responsiblity. To the follower of the Word of God, it is important to vote biblically. To vote otherwise is to disobey God.

Everyone knows the Bible speaks clearly

Personal Life

Family Issues

Church Life

However, few Christians understand that the Bible also speaks equally clearly regarding civil government. 

Four Realities


God is smarter than we are, having established government and nations.


He knows best how civil government is to function.


He put these governmental principles into a book called the Bible.


Therefore, we need to know them.
We Need to Become
Our Progress

In only 5 years

Governmental leaders discussing issues, Bible studies, and prayer intercessions.

Government and church leadership on current events and spiritual programs.

Well Versed mentors young adults through Bible study and trips to D.C., NYC and Israel.

Forming relationships & understanding of Biblical Principles of Governance.

Together with your help, people can become well versed. We help government leaders become well versed, knowing what the Bible says about every political or governmental topic.


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Well Versed Day Summit 2020

View the recorded presentations from our most recent Washington D.C. Day Summit.

This www.WellVersedWorld.org website gives you an overview of what we do. But a new website is COMING SOON. www.WellVersedU.org will have our compelling teaching content – the biblical principles of governance. Watch for this exciting addition to the Well Versed lineup.

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We are 100% dependent on the support of God’s people. We invite you to partner with us in prayer and financial support.