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Bringing biblical principles of governance...

...To Government Leaders, Young Adults & You!
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Upcoming Well Versed 48 Hour Event
NYC & DC Training

Thinking biblically / Speaking Winsomely: How to talk to your children, in-laws and co-workers (and your church) about politics without starting World War3: The Biblical foundations for 30 political topics.

State Representative Phil King
61st District, Texas

What Others
Are Saying About
Well Versed

“Got a late request to fill in at a Sunday School class for this week. Went to my outdated outline on abortion. Started to painstakingly update then remembered Well Versed. Now I’ll just walk the class through that chapter.

Thanks! Rep Phil King (TX)”

Everyone knows the Bible speaks clearly to 

Personal Life

Family Issues

Church Life

However, few Christians understand that the Bible also speaks equally clear regarding civil government. 

Four Realities


God is smarter than we are, having established government and nations.


He knows best how civil government is to function.


He put these governmental principles in a book called the Bible.


Therefore we need to know them.
We need to become…

Small group Well Versed Bible studies in

  • US Congress (Washington, D.C.)
  •  Departments/Agencies (Washington, D.C.)
  • United Nations (New York City)

One-on-one meetings

with UN Ambassadors and Elected Officials

Bible studies based on:

Faxes and short videos to government leaders

offering biblical solutions to
current difficult political issues

Our Progress

In only 5 years



Governmental leaders discussing issues, Bible studies, and prayer intercessions.

Government and church leadership on current events and spiritual programs.

Well Versed mentors young adults through bible study and trips to DC, NYC and Israel.

Forming relationships & understanding of Biblical Principles of Governance.

You name it…the Bible speaks about it…we are here to help government leaders become Well Versed.

  • Purpose of Government
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Religious Liberty
  • Education and Faith
  • Health Care
  • Human Rights, Refugees, Famine
  • Gang Violence, Human Trafficking
  • Hate Crimes, Racism, Prison Reform
  • National Defenses, Terrorism
  • Israel, Brexit, Venezuela
  • Environmental, Climate Change
  • Natural Disaster

Together with your help, people can become well versed. We help government leaders become well versed, knowing what the Bible says about every political or governmental topic.


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