The Bible vs. Critical Race Theory

Jul 20, 2022    Kevin McGary

Woked Up is Kevin’s book that is coming out very soon. Get it!

The War on Women from the Root to the Fruit is another book we should consider.

Jim Garlow: “We need for Kevin and his message to go out to the Nation and the World.”

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Romans 16:17 (Watch out for division)1 Corinthians 1:10 (Watch out for division)Acts 10:20 (God is not a respecter of persons)Genesis 1:27 (All are made in the image of God)Genesis 3:20 (We all have a common ancestry)Ecclesiastes 9:11 (Time and chance happen to everyone)Jeremiah 13:23 (Immutable characteristics are never a justification to discriminate)Matthew 7:5 (Hypocritical judgment is to be condemned)Romans 2:1 (Slandering all whites (or any race) is being racist)Romans 2:11 (God does not show partiality, neither should we)Romans 12:3 (Don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought)Romans 13:1-4 (Not a biblical role of government to force conformance in thought, word and deed)Romans 14:1,4 (Personal preferences are expected)Revelation 7:9-10 (No true races, only nations, tribes, peoples and languages)