The Real Case for Marriage

Jul 20, 2022    Jim Garlow

Marriage was NOT an example from earth that God used to explain the relationship between Christ and the Church. It is the reverse. Marriage is a Heavenly principle that God allows us to understand on earth between a husband and a wife.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

John 10:30 (God as Father)Isaiah 66:13 (God, like a Mother)Ephesians 5:31-32 (Marriage of Christ and the Church)Revelation 19:6-9 (Marriage Feast of the Lamb)Genesis 1:27 (God created male and female only)Genesis 1:27-28 (Male and female together to multiply)Genesis 2:18,21-23 (God created woman)Genesis 2:24 (God defined marriage)Matthew 19:4-6 (Jesus defines marriage)