Radical Environmentalism

Jul 20, 2022    Congressman Thomas Tiffany

In reference to a prior speech on immigration: Our immigration policy is destabilizing central nations like Panama.

President Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline. The administration took steps to take us from energy independent to energy dependence, which destroys our national security.

In Sri Lanka, they went “organic” and it has destroyed their economy, their security, their nation.

We see similar things in Holland with farmers.

In the Soviet Union, with Stalin, the government took private land.

We never thought it could happen in the West, but it is happening right NOW in Holland.

In 2010, in Wisconsin, Congressman Tiffany decided to get involved and make change with Act 10.

He has been given the name “Toxic Tom” by his political opponents.

He has worked on environmental issues so that we can open up our resources, but his opponents hate him.He stands by these principles in order to be prosperous and have national security. 

Today, Congressman Tiffany burns propane for home. He used to fill his home propane tank for $.80 per gallon. Now he pays $2.30/gallon, which is triple the cost! This is the intentional result of the left who want to destroy our Nation. They literally want to create a crisis so that they can “build back better.” But it will not be better; it will be a wicked global reset.

Congressman Tiffany: “We will take our Country back!”

Amen! We totally agree. We will not quit, and we will not let the globalists destroy this nation!

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Acts 17:26 (God established sovereign nations)Genesis 1:26-28 (Mankind has dominion over the earth and everything in it)Genesis 1:27 (Giving worth to non-human creatures or the earth itself above humans is in opposition to God-ordained order and reality)Genesis 2:15 (Mankind is to order and preserve the natural world)Job 12:7-10 (God is the giver of all life)Job 37:11-13 (God controls the weather to fulfill His purposes)Job 41:11 (God owns the entire world and everything in it)Psalm 115:16 (God entrusted the world to the care of mankind)Psalm 147:8,16-18 (God directs the climate and weather)Romans 1:24-25 (God alone is to be worshiped, not the creation)Hebrews 11:3 (God created everything out of nothingness)