Establishing Places of Refuge

Jul 21, 2022    Stephen Burke

In 2008, Stephen Burke had a picture from God of what was coming to the land.

A City of Refuge is God’s idea. It is not necessarily a geographic city, but a place God sets aside.

Times may be tough, but God has a plan and a remnant.

Lot chose a city with his eyes, but Abraham took what the Lord gave him.

Lot had no idea that judgment was coming. Abraham was a friend of God and he knew what was coming.

Even when the angels spoke to Lot to leave town, Lot hesitated.

Lot lost all his possessions from his home.

Permission for a City of Refuge comes from Heaven

It must be the will of God, or it will be in vain.There are many varieties of Cities of Refuge because each has to be the specific will of God for each situation.The size/functions can be very different.One size does NOT fit all.If God is not directing your plan, you are a prepper - a fearful prepper - and that does not please God, and will not work because it is born of fear.At the heart of a place of refuge is a place of prayer.We must know Him as a friend … hear His voice … receive His plan.

What is the purpose of a place of refuge?

God desires to move us back to the land He has given us.This is not a time of Fear, but of Glory.

Consider what it would be like without electricity.

How do you do basic things without internet, lights, air conditioning, heat, etc.?

God said He would bring all the Tribes of Israel back together.

There are 10 lost Tribes and since they are lost, they will not all look jewish.

Psalm 91 - We are going to be living it. Ask God what He would have you do in a Place of Refuge.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Proverbs 6:6-9 (Even an ant prepares for the future)Jeremiah 2:13 (Don’t rely on broken cisterns; prepare good cisterns)Joshua 2:16 (Rahab sent the spies to hide for three days for safety)1 Kings 17:1-3 (Even Elijah was hidden for safety and preparation)1 Kings 18:1-4 (Obadiah hid 100 prophets from Ahab and cared for them)Proverbs 22:3 (The prudent sees evil and hides; the naïve go on and are punished)Proverbs 28:12,28 (When wickedness rises, men hide themselves)