Jailed Canadian Pastors

Jul 20, 2022    Pastor Henry Hilderbrandt

Pastor in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada.

Many pastors have been jailed and fined over the last two years.

Two years ago, Pastor Hildebrandt was asked to close the church for two weeks for the sake of preventing the pandemic. He absolutely agreed in order to help.However, he soon learned that more was happening.

Since they were prohibited from in-person services, he organized a drive-in service. But, the police showed up; initially they said it was a good invention. After the second service, the police said it was prohibited because they were the safest parking lot in town.

The police said they received 15 calls complaining that the church was gathering. Pastor Hildebrandt asked if the same rule applied to abortion clinics, liquor stores, markets, etc. They did not answer.

Since pastors realized they were being treated illegally, they decided they would meet regardless. The police came into the building, closed it and locked it. 

Is there ever a more important time for the church to gather than during tragedy, illness, etc.?

Church is essential! God is essential!

They are certainly more essential than abortion clinics, liquor stores, etc. The fact that the government left these institutions open and forced churches to close shows that this matter was not about law but was an illegal, anti-Christ spirit.

Therefore, Pastor Hildebrandt cannot submit to this anti-Christ spirit but is remaining faithful, remaining legal before God.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Matthew 5:10 (Blessed are the persecuted, theirs is the kingdom of heaven)Matthew 5:44 (Love our enemies and pray for them)Acts 5:29 (We must obey God rather than man (or government))Romans 13:3-4 (Government is to support what is good, not shut it down)Hebrews 10:24-25 (Do not neglect gathering together)1 Peter 3:16 (Have a clear conscience, so that those who slander you will be put to shame)