Part Two of Israel Trip: The October 7 Terrorist Attack and the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Today we share Part 2 of our trip in Israel.

The first part was a Solidarity Tour with a small group of leaders from the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) viewing sites of the October 7 terrorist attack.

The second part was our attendance at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.
Fabulous briefing at the Minister of Foreign Affairs office in Jerusalem with Deputy Spokesperson Alex Gandler. Remarkable content.
The Prime Minister is also a prophet. He has warned us.
In Jerusalem. A Jew gave all His blood for me. I gave a little bit of blood for the Jewish people.
Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, currently working for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. Brilliant mind. Powerful communicator.
I have wanted to ask some very precise questions regarding the September 15, 2020 signing ceremony of Abraham Accords (I was there & had questions) from someone who actually knew the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain. Tonite I finally got to ask a lot of questions of Eitan Naeh, the Israeli Ambassador to Bahrain. I waited 4 years for this moment. What a fabulous evening.
OCTOBER 7. On that day, the Kfar Aza Kibbutz was attacked at 6:30am. Of the 950 residents, 62 were killed. 19 were taken hostage, 14 of whom have since died. 5 of those are believed to be alive. Look through the pictures carefully. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
OCTOBER 7. Here is where the Hamas terrorists broke into the Kfar Aza Kibbutz. One mile in the background is Gaza. We heard many shells being fired by IDF. However, we are totally safe here. Not in any danger as the IDF controls the area.
OCTOBER 7. Site of the Nova Festival. It was an annual event. It was a “trance event,” complete repetitive type music, with lots of drugs and alcohol. Tragedy struck at 6:30am that morning. Approximately 3,000 attending. 365 were killed. Many more wounded.
OCTOBER 7. A report from Nachman Dykstein who is with ZAKA, a Disaster Victim Identification organization. He worked for weeks, with a group, gathering bodies and body parts, in an attempt to identify those who were murdered by the Hamas terrorists. Hamas did not to merely kill. They wanted to torture, and humiliate, in any way they could. Listen to his words.
OCTOBER 7.  365 persons killed at the Nova Festival in Israel. Many others captured and held as hostages. They have put pictures up of all of them, and in some places, families have built makeshift memorials.
OCTOBER 7. Praying for the 5 hostages whom they think are still alive from Kfar Aza Kibbutz.
OCTOBER 7. The horrific “car graveyard” from the Hamas terrorist attacks. Many were killed in the 3,000 cars that were destroyed. 1,500 of the cars are here. The Jews invest enormous time to make sure every portion of a human body - even if only ashes remain - is removed from the burnt vehicles, and the human remains are treated with respect and buried in an honorable way.
OCTOBER 7. A massive “wall” of 1,500 of the 3,000 cars burned or shot full of holes by the Hamas terrorists.
The first one was an ambulance which came to help.
The red one was driven by a mother with three small children. They shot and killed the mother, but missed the children. A policeman came to help. They killed him.
The large white van was filled with senior adults on their way to the Dead Sea for a relaxing day. Every one of them were killed.
OCTOBER 7. Our guide in Kfar Aza Kibbutz - where he used to live - was telling about his friend who used to live in this house before the Hamas terrorists killed her, poured gasoline and torched her house on October 7. He was suddenly overwhelmed with grief and turned his back to us so that we would not see his tears. We waited in silence, sharing in his grief.
OCTOBER 7. When the Hamas terrorists attacked Kfar Aza Kibbutz on October 7, they knew to go first to the armory and kill the men in the civil patrol (pictured) and to take all the weapons. Notice the racks for storage of rifles.
How did the terrorists know this? How did they have detailed hand produced maps of the roads through the farmers fields (that are not on satellite)? How did they know the number of people in the homes?
Answer: The kibbutzim that were along Gaza that were attacked on October 7 were more - let’s see, how should I say it - racial “leftist” Jews, who were pro-Gaza, who hired the Gazans to work daily at their kibbutz. These more “leftist” Jews do not identify at all with Orthodox Jews with their commitment to a biblical history. They oppose Prime Minister Netanyahu in all he does. They were happy for there to be a “two state solution,” for land to be given permanently to the Palestinians. They applauded when Israel forcibly removed the Jews from the houses and greenhouses the Jewish pioneers had built, and Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005, who promptly voted for Hamas.
It is believed that the Palestinians who worked at these kibbutzim gave careful directions to the Hamas murderers.
What is more, even the Palestinian civilians got on motorcycles and helped the terrorist army in the murder, mayhem, raping, beatings and kidnappings.
And on the day that we visited the locations of kidnapping, raping, torturing, beheading and mass murder of the Jews, the 15 irrational, Jew hating, so-called “justices” of the International Court of Justice decide that Israel has no right to defend herself, and finish the operation to red the world of Hamas (right after the International Criminal Court begins the process to call for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu). Both courts - part of the UN - are located in The Hague, Netherlands.
Go with us on a trip there for “THE TRIAL” event, to support Israel, June 30-July 7.
Contact Joyce Dentt at ASAP for information re airfare and hotels if you want to go with us.

Ponder that for awhile.
Israeli Defense Forces. This soldier was hit in the right leg/hip while trying to save a fellow soldier in Gaza. Tragically that soldier did not make it. We are not allowed to show his face, but I am showing his feet. He has been in intense rehabilitation since January and has miraculously regained much of the use of his leg except his right foot/ankle will not work/bend. Pray for him now.
Meet Wahid Ahoziil, a Bedouin Arab Israeli who welcomed us into his home. Will report on the wonderful time later.
Meet Remo Salma El-Hozayel, a Bedouin Arab Israeli law enforcement officer who arrived at the Nova Festival in Israel at 6:22am on October 7 to provide security, with no idea that in 8 minutes hundreds of terrorists would arrive murdering 365 young adults and wounding many others. We just spent time with him, hearing the stunning story. This very modest man made maybe as many as 40 trips into the festival, saving the lives of 200+ persons. Will write the story later. It is breathtaking.
Cleaning up the table … in Tel Aviv
Hostage Square in Tel Aviv. Don’t stop praying.
Yossi Dagon is the Governor of Shomron (Samaria). He is a HIGH energy, Rambo type guy who is absolutely fearless. When the future history of Israel is written, he will be a key figure. He presented us with a nice medallion for our support of Samaria. You REALLY need to meet him. I will interview him for the World Prayer Network. 17 of their men have been killed since October 7. You know about the war in the south (Gaza) or in the north (Lebanon/Hezbollah), but few know about the third front of the war: Judea and Samaria. (Don’t EVER call it “West Bank.”) There are 500,000 Jews surrounded by approximately 1.5 million Arabs, many of whom want the Jews dead. With most of the men gone to war, the women have to defend themselves. IMPORTANT: When Israel took control of Judea and Samaria in the 1967 Six Day War, they failed to official claim sovereignty over it. Join the Sovereignty Movement and pray for this to be done. Stand against the Democrats (such as Obama and his ilk) who ignorantly call on Israel to return to pre-1967 lines. If that happened, Israel would be 9 miles wide !?!
When you give funds for Israel to Well Versed/World Prayer Network, some it it is going to help defend life here.
I am in Israel for 3 weeks. I have been surrounded by 1,000s of guns during this time, including this lady who showed me what she had in her “purse.” (Picture used with permission.). So … if guns were the problem, I would have died a thousand deaths. CONCLUSION: It isn’t the gun. It’s the person. Good people with guns can take care of bad people with guns. The issue is people. Not guns.
Our good friend Yossi Dagon, Governor of Shomron, points to the pictures of him that Hamas has put out of him in crosshairs. This is what these people have to endure.
Rabbi Melamed of Gerizim, considered to be one of the most brilliant rabbis in the world, and who is the best-selling author of all living rabbis.
In Israel with Gideon Israel, who left America at age 18 and has been in Israel ever since, author of BROKEN VALUES: HOW THE DEMOCRAT PARTY PLATFORM BETRAYS ITS FOLLOWERS AND AMERICA.
WORD TO THE WISE: Watch the Republican Party VERY closely as some of them try to move the platform away from a pro-life and pro-historic marriage. Beware. Be alert. Be vocal.
Alon Moreh - the location from which God showed the land of Canaan to Abraham and promised it to him in Genesis 12.
Britt Waller, the 9th child of the 11 children of Tommy Waller and his wife Sherri, the most remarkable family, who uprooted from Tennessee and moved to a disputed and dangerous part of Israel on Mt Gerizim (Mount of Blessing), to help the Jewish farmers/vine growers plant, prune and harvest the grapes, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Jeremiah 31:5. The “watchmen” in Hebrew - notzrim - is translated in modern Hebrew as “Christian.” Jeremiah 31:5 declared 2,700 years ago that the hills of Samaria would once again (after being deserted and depleted for two millennium) be covered with vines. And they are! And the notzrim, that is, “Christians” would be there. And they are!
When you give funds for Israel to Well Versed/World Prayer Network, some of it is going to help defend the Jewish communities around Ha Yovel.
At a community in Samaria. Schmul (Samuel) is the leader of CHRISTIAN FRIENDS OF ISRAEL COMMUNITIES (CFOIC).
The woman here is one of mothers in the community. When 95% of the men were called to war in the south (Gaza), the young mothers (no one is above 43 in the community) clustered together with their children and laid out plans how to defend themselves. They also quickly added more cameras, detection equipment,
etc. since one Arab village is a one minute run away and another one is a 90 second run away.
When you give to Well Versed/World Prayer Network, some of the funds have gone to try to save lives here.
Israeli Minister of Tourism Haim Katz. Tourism was about to hit the 4 million mark again. Then came October 7. His role changed from tourism to moving 120,000 evacuated Jews from the south (Gaza area) and north (near the Lebanese border), where they still are, after eight months, costing the State of Israel billions of dollars
Yesterday we were 1 mile from Gaza. Heard many rounds being fired. Tonite we are at this luxurious restaurant, at Ashkelon, about 25 minutes from Gaza. It is hard to believe that in this beautiful place, we are that close to war.
One of our Jewish friends sent this to me. A wedding in Israel. This was not photoshopped nor staged. This was spontaneous and real. Taken as they walked into a wedding.
This is how Hamas and Hezbollah and so many others have forced the Jews to live.
With the Israeli Army - being trained - at an undisclosed location. I am intentionally not showing faces.
Listen to the brief warning to America from Member of the Knesset Ohad Tal.
With Israeli President Isaac Herzog and former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.
(Regretfully Troy Miller, President of the National Religious Broadcasters, became ill. I was ask to sit in for him.)
We had a remarkable meeting. We shared with him that America overwhelmingly stands with Israel. They are NOT alone. (Over the last 18 days, I have talked with hundreds of Israelis. Almost every one of them said to me, “We feel so alone.”)
We also shared that NRB (1,600 members covering 190 million households) passed a resolution to never call it “West Bank” - an insult to the Jews - but to call it by its correct and biblical names: Samaria and Judea.
Michele and I also got the opportunity to talk to the President and his assistant regarding the horrific WHO [World Health Organization] so-called pandemic “treaty,” which is designed to take away the sovereignty of the world’s 200 nations, based on what THEY call a pandemic [which includes climate change, guns, even an “infodemic,” that is, malinformation, disinformation and misinformation - based on what THEY call “misinformation.”]
Think “one world government.
The good news: 1/2 the United States Senate, 1/2 the US governors, 1/2 the state attorneys general and millions of Americans are opposing it.
The World Health Assembly is meeting RIGHT NOW in Geneva. The Secretary General is determined to force this on the world.
We are on our way to Geneva in a couple days to join with thousands from all over the world to oppose it.)
We just spent time with this heartbroken woman. Ayelet Samerano is the mother of a Jewish young man who was taken by Hamas as a hostage in Gaza on October 7. He ended up in the home of a social worker for UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). So what did this United Nations worker do? He killed the Jewish young man!
Zvika Mor is the father of a young man who is held as a hostage. See his grief. His son was a police officer when attacked. He was fighting back against Hamas when he ran out of ammo. He was captured.
We spent time with this grieving father today.
Talik Goeili is the mother of a young man who was taken hostage to Gaza on October 7. He had shoulder surgery before the 7th, but when he heard his buddies were in danger, he got his weapon and headed south to Gaza. (We heard that story over and over regarding so many men.) On the battle with Hamas, he was shot in the arm and leg and taken hostage. The last picture of her son was sent out by Hamas, showing him drapped over the back of a Hamas motorcycle. It is believed he is still alive, but his condition is not known.
Ditza Or’s son was attacked by Hamas, and could have escaped, but he would have had to leave his girlfriend behind. He chose to stay with her.
Once they got to Gaza (one mile away) the barbaric terrorists split them up. Do you remember the young girl with the look of terror on her face, who was taken away on the back of a motorcycle, which played over and over again on American TV? This is her.
One of the greatest honors of my life. Speaking before family members of hostages, and some of those at the Prime Minister’s GPO (Government Press Office). Sobering.
Nic Vujicic is known as an evangelist and a motivational speaker, but he has also become America's prophet.
Robert Weinger, (of Shofar So Great), Shofar Sounder, in the Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel, playing two triple twist shofars at the same time - in harmony.
“Sometimes we have to beat our plowshares into swords, so that there will be a time that we can beat our swords back into plowshares.”
Former Member of the Knesset Yehudah Glick
“What do I say to the enemies of the Jews? Read The Book!”
Former Member of the Knesset Robert Ilotov
This is old news - from May 12 - but in the Eurovision Song Contest, the elites tried to block the Israeli singer. She had to have a huge security force. They forced her to change the name of the song, which was about October 7, and did whatever they could to stop her. She appeared in a dress that intentionally looked like bandages.
However what the elites and judges tried to stop, the general population of Europe would not accept and they gave her the second highest votes. It’s the elites vs the people in nation after nation.
Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem describing the trauma, but also the perseverance and resilience of Israelis.
What a joy for Rosemary and me to encourage the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and Albert Veksler. Powerful event.
Come to The Hague, Netherlands with us to attend “THE TRIAL,” led by my friend Jack van der Tang, to defend Israel. The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The International Court of Justice wants to charge Israel with crimes. I interviewed Jack for a couple minutes at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. if you want info about coming with us, email us at
Interviewing Byron Stinson and Tsaki Mamo regarding the Red Heifers, the miraculous story of the land for the Red Heifer ceremony (it is not a “sacrifice”), and the astounding story of Papau New Guinea claiming they gave the gold for Solomon’s Temple 3,000 years ago. And they have an abundance of gold to mine, and want to give 1/3 of it free to Israel to build the Third Temple. I Kings 10 says the gold came from Ophir. They are the Tribe of Ophia.
Congresswoman Michele Bachman and me explaining the tyrannical WHO “pandemic treaty” which strips nations of their sovereignty, at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.
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