Congressman Scott Perry (one of "the 20"): THIS week in DC. And hear about his apology for July vote.

    Congressman Scott Perry

Scott Perry, a retired U.S. Army National Guard Brigadier General, was one of “the 20” who withstood enormous pressure during the 15 votes taken for the election of the Speaker of the House a week ago. You might remember that he was subjected to bizarre treatment by the DOJ last August. Congressman Perry’s cell phone was confiscated by the FBI the day after the Mara Lago raid ( Taking one’s cell phone is the equivalent to raiding one’s office, or perhaps even worse. It is quite disconcerting and chilling that the FBI, part of the Department of Justice, which is part of the executive branch of government, did this to one within the legislative branch, (think “separation of powers” or “checks and balance”) and to a sitting Member of Congress. Perry is chairman of the Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative Members of Congress who stand for Biblical values. Hear Congressman Perry share about his public apology for voting the wrong way on the marriage bill in July, but then, on the correct way, defending marriage and religious liberty. Question: How many times have you heard a Member of Congress publicly apologize for voting wrongly? Rarely. Maybe never.

PA State Representative David Zimmerman

Also on the call from Pennsylvania is State Representative David Zimmerman. Be encouraged when you hear how Freedom Caucuses are being formed, not merely in Washington, DC in Congress, but in State Legislatures around the nation.
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