When You Financially Partner With Us, You Are Calling the Nations To Repentance.

Watch this short video about an exciting, upcoming event:

At this year-end, would you financially partner with us? Part of what you are doing by joining with us is partnering with us in calling the nations to repentance before a Holy, Righteous, Just and Merciful God. One year ago, I asked Tony Perkins (FRC) and Congressman Mike Johnson to help me co-launch the NATIONAL GATHERING FOR PRAYER AND REPENTANCE. They did. The event took place on February 1, 2023. God honored it. You can watch the NATIONAL GATHERING FOR PRAYER AND REPENTANCE from February 1, 2023 here.
Would you consider:
  1. Attending in person (seating is limited) or watch on livestream the National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance. Register here.
  2. Financially partnering with us as we encourage repentance and Biblical principles of governance in Washington, D.C.
Dr. Jim Garlow
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Rosemary Schindler Garlow
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