How Can Our Nation Be "Re-Versed" ("Versed" As In Bible Verses)?

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A most encouraging, spiritual, and informative examination of our favorite Christmas Carols, led by three remarkable musicians: Dr. Bob and Rita Hauck, and their adult son, Ross Hauck. A most enjoyable presentation!
I want to thank each and every one of you who have been a part of the Well Versed World and World Prayer Network families. Your time, talents, gifts and prayers are never taken lightly and touch our hearts each and every day. Without you, we could not accomplish the vision God has laid on our hearts.
We have great opportunities in the coming year. I formed a research and writing team which helped me write a 350-page book with some 88,000 words. The manuscript is actually due December 27th so I am just now completing the months of writing.
This is a very rough “mock-up” of the book cover, which will be completed in early January.
It will be released this March, titled RE-VERSED: From Culturally Woke to Biblically Awake.
It covers the Biblical foundations for 60 topics including transgenderism, fatherlessness, the feminization of men, child sex trafficking, pornography, Big Tech, Big Pharma, food security, globalism, the border, homelessness, coerced vaccines and the loss of medical freedom, social credit scores and ESGs, DEI, BLM, CRT, AI, transhumanism, cloning, genetic engineering, video screen addiction, national debt, fiat currency vs. gold, central bank digital currency, extraterrestrials and UFOs, the “15 minute city,” the religion of climate change, the 2nd amendment and gun rights, world population, reparations and so many other topics, all discussed from a Scriptural perspective.

Accompanying this book will be an audio book, and 60 short videos – one for each chapter – for use in small group Bible studies.

FOR THE NEXT GENERATION… there will be a Junior High version of the book RE-VERSED… and… a children’s storybook along with a children’s coloring book, all reinforcing these Biblical truths.
Will you help us fund these products?
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We never take it lightly or take it for granted when you sow into this ministry. The words THANK YOU seem so inadequate. As you likely know…
It is my prayer that Well Versed World and the World Prayer Network have been a blessing to you in these tumultuous times. It is our endeavor to be Bringing Biblical Principles of Governance to Government Leaders… and to the People Who Elect Them. The world is in crisis. Human institutions are failing. Everyone knows it.

Human suffering, pain and poverty will only be reduced once nations follow the biblical principles of governance. Only eternal and transcendent truths will produce peace and prosperity on nations. We desire to give you the tools needed to affect change and pray effectively in these times. We desire to impact personal life, family issues, and church life.
Together with your help, people can become well versed. We help government leaders become well versed, knowing what the Bible says about every political or governmental topic. We look forward to walking this journey together with you.

We pray you had a great Hanukkah and a blessed Merry Christmas. It is our prayer for you that God would prosper you and enlarge your tent to usher in His glorious return. Each on of us has a part to play in that ensemble.

With love, joy, and peace, THANK YOU!
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed
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