Derric Johnson's Advice For Life... And The Most Lush Vocals You Have Ever Heard

The following video is fun, inspirational, and a welcome “uplift” in an otherwise dark world. Get ready to relax, smile, and take a deep breath while you hear profound nuggets for life and listen to three incredible song arrangements. Let me introduce you to one of the most amazing men to ever walk this earth: Derric Johnson.
I pastored Skyline Church in San Diego (La Mesa) from 1995 to 2018. Prior to that, John Maxwell pastored the church for 13 years, and before him, Orval Butcher (who was a close friend of Billy Graham) founded the church in 1954 and served as pastor for 27 years.
Jim & Rosemary Garlow, Derric & Debbie Johnson
Derric Johnson was the first (maybe second?) staff member of Skyline Church, joining Orval Butcher back in 1957. He formed and directed a group called "The New Sounds" along with 15 other graded (age-based) choirs. Following that, he formed the most remarkable singing group called "Re'Generation" which toured America demonstrating the most stunning lush vocal tones you have ever heard.
Following that, Derric became the Music Consultant for Disney World in Orlando, Florida for many decades. His wife, Debbie, sang in “The Voices of Liberty” at Disney, performing in over 46,000 concerts!
Derric is one of the single most influential males in my life, second only to my late father (The order of men who influenced me the most are, first, my father; second, Derric Johnson; and third, Edwin Louis Cole). Derric had a goal of seeing 1,000 people called into full-time Christian service (pastors, missionaries, etc). He reached that goal. I was one of them. Simply stated, Derric is a musical genius, and a discipler of thousands in the ways of Jesus. He understands, models and teaches the principles by which one experiences a fulfilling life.
I met him when I was a college freshman and he came to speak at our tiny school (Miltonvale Wesleyan College, now relocated to Oklahoma and renamed Oklahoma Wesleyan University). My call to the ministry came as a result of his impact on my life in January of 1966. I was never the same after that.  He continued to speak into my life from that time to the present. At age 91, Derric still has enormous energy and creativity. He still travels and directs choirs, producing the most stunning sounds involving complex chords. There is only one Derric Johnson.
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