More Medical Supplies For Israel... And Some Chocolate?

In order to get jackets, blankets, socks, gloves, neck warmers and medical kits to the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as medical supplies to first responders in Israel, we have worked with and through several companies and several not-for-profit organizations.

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One of the companies we are working with is located in Rome, New York. The person we are working with is in constant communication with persons in Israel who relay back information about what is most needed. Our contact person has just sent us a note saying that they are helping to set up field hospitals and stock them with medical supplies, while they also supply “rain gear, basic apparel, protein bars, and electrolyte packets” along with many other medical items. Here are pictures of the things that the company is sending to Israel, thanks to your donations:

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Can we share a little bit of humor? I am a guy who loves chocolate. I admit it. To me, chocolate qualifies as a vegetable. When the lady overseeing what the IDF is needing wrote to me yesterday, the last line of her email surprised me. It read that the solders had requested many medical supplies (and now I am quoting her) “along with a special request for some candy and chocolate milk, if we have room.” My thought? Yes! Get them some chocolate. Let’s make sure we have room. To me, chocolate IS a medical supply. (Okay, I will be more serous now.)

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