We've Focused On Israel. But Let Me Talk About London For A Moment.

Our nations is in trouble. Our world is in trouble.

However, there are still brave people, with sane (spell that conservative) ideas, who understand how government is supposed to work. Because of that, Jordan Peterson, of Canada, and several prominent Europeans have called for a group to gather to address the problems of the world.
The event is called ARC, standing for Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. It will take place in London very soon. My wife and I are two of the approximate 1,600 or so persons who have been invited to attend.

Why are we going? To be candid, all we do is done as an offering to God. Secondly, we are deeply concerned for what our grandchildren (and yours, too!) are going to face. That is why – at our ages – we stay extremely active, trying to make a difference.

To us, it is not merely “conservative ideology,” as good as that is. To us, it is Biblical principles.
Logo for Alliance for Responsible Citizenship
Here is a portion of the invitation we received:

"We are at a defining moment in history. Culture is more polarised and fragmented than ever. There is a sense of fragility and crisis which pervades everything from the basics of individual identity to the heart of our democratic structures. The shared stories and values which once provided unity are contested…"
"The ARC Conference will gather thinkers, business leaders, policy makers, and culture formers to interrogate some of today’s most important social, economic, cultural and moral questions. We are seeking to collectively formulate a path forward that can unite our fractured societies."
"Our organising committee of more than 30 includes public intellectuals such as Prof. Arthur Brooks, Prof. Niall Ferguson, Bjorn Lomborg and Dr Jordan B. Peterson; politicians from Europe, North America and Australia ranging from the former Australian Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard to the Vice Chair of the House Republican Caucus, Rep Mike Johnson and Austrian MP Gudrun Kugler; and business leaders including Sir Paul Marshall, Baroness Morrissey, Vivek Ramaswamy, Christopher Chandler and Alan McCormick (see all here.)"

I am sharing this with you to ask you, once again, to support our involvement in an international conference. I am asking you to – as you have done in the past – to become part of what we call, our EUROPE TEAM. This is not a vacation or a junket. This is a working conference.

Would you financially partner with us by clicking here, then clicking on SELECT FUND, then clicking on EUROPE TEAM at the bottom, and make a donation to Well Versed? Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It is both needed and so appreciated.
Allow me to be candid. We are giving so much to Israel that Well Versed is challenged financially. Will you help us during this time?
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed
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