Understanding Israel's War

I wrote this in May 2021. But every word of it is still totally relevant today.It is imperative that you understand what the Bible says and what history teaches. If one does not know Scripture and does not properly understand and interpret history, then you will fall for the false, manufactured narratives spouted by:

  • Hamas supporting Leftists,
  • Iran and its proxies,
  • Islamic Jihadists,
  • Anarchists (such as Antifa and BLM)
  • Atheists,
  • Antisemites
  • Marxists, (Communists, Socialist, Cultural Marxist)
  • Liberal Protestants and Liberal Catholics,
  • Replacement Theology advocates,
  • So-called “Main Stream Media” in America and beyond,
  • Left wing, radicalized and ill-informed Members of Congress or Parliaments,
  • Dictators and other anti-Biblical despots,
  • So-called Right Wing isolationists,
  • And the list goes on.

What do they all have in common? They are wrong. Truth matters. Truth exists. Truth is important.

I urge you to take time – it won’t require a lot of time – to read through this seven part series. I try to take so-called complex things and make them simple. (Beware of people who take simple things and make them complex.) Contrary to popular opinion, this is not complicated. God’s Word is clear. Truth is not subjective. History – as much as the distorters of reality want to bend it – has a loud and clear voice.When my book Well Versed was translated into Portuguese, they changed the title to “Don’t be Manipulated.” That is good advice. Do not be manipulated. Do not be deceived. The next hour could be so valuable to you if you would read this seven part series. It will answer so many of the questions you have today regarding the war going on in Israel.
Thank you for loving God’s Word, for loving Israel, and for standing with her.

Dr. Jim Garlow

October 2023 

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