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Biden's speech on Israel - October 7, 2023
Part of the $85 billion in advanced military equipment that Biden
turned over to terrorists in Afghanistan


What a pathetic little blustery speech from the pathetic little man who gave billions of dollars worth of equipment to terrorists in Afghanistan, then paid extortion money to Iran (which as we all knew, set the stage for more kidnappings), and then who recently, and antisemitically, gave billions of dollars to Iran (with a result that we also all knew), a country which has openly stated its hatred for Israel (and the U.S.) and sworn to destroy Israel and all Jews.

(Note: This has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. There is plenty of incompetency in all political parties. This is not an issue of Right vs. Left. This is an issue of right vs. wrong, of good vs. evil, of light vs. darkness, of Biblical truth vs. anti-scriptural constructs. This is an issue of the things of God vs. the things of the Evil One. This is not fundamentally “political.” This is Biblical.)

Someone has to be the proverbial “adult in the room” and speak (Biblical) truth: The blood of the Jewish women and children (and men too) who were killed yesterday is on the hands of the one who emboldened the terrorists by his constant and inexcusable capitulation to them. And the responsibility for those women and young girls (and men too) who have been kidnapped – who knows what might be done to them! – the responsibility for this is on Biden, and by corporate/national extension, on us, as the American people. "God, help us all. We repent of this horrific sin by our (spineless and mindless) leader. God, help us. God, we repent."

This is being called “a massive intelligence failure.” Well it is, but not by the Israeli Defense Forces. This is an “intelligence failure” by the one who occupies the White House, along with any others who participated in the equipping, outfitting, funding and emboldening of Iran, the known sponsor of terrorism (such persons as the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense and the “TV Generals” at the Pentagon). This was avoidable. What a tragic demonstration of pathetic (so-called) “leadership.”

This is a highly predictable leadership failure. When are those who voted for Biden going to repent before a Just and Righteous God for the pain being inflicted upon the world? (Our inner cities, our border and Ukraine, and maybe soon Taiwan, just for starters.)

Reminder: This has nothing to do with a political party. The issue is not about a party. It is not fundamentally political. It is about policy that comes from principles. It has everything to do with Biblical principles, which create sound policy.
The MS St. Louis, 1939, filled with Jews fleeing Hitler
This is not the first time America has abandoned the Jewish people. The President of America – Franklin Roosevelt – refused to protect the Jews that were on the MS St. Louis in 1939. Our nation turned away at gunpoint about 1,000 Jews from our shores in Florida who were fleeing Hitler, and sent them back to Europe, where most of them died. That rejection of the Jews by the U.S. was exactly what Hitler wanted to see, and thus he launched “The Final Solution” (the plan to kill all the Jews). America paid a high price for our sin as we were drawn into WW2, with the killing of so many of our young men.
Aerial photos of one of the many death camps, whose railroad tracks, leading to the camps, could have been destroyed.
Secondly, Roosevelt knew about the German concentration camps and could have bombed the railroad tracks used to take Jews to their deaths. He would not. He did not. If you go to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, you can watch a video of the man who told Roosevelt what was happening and how he could stop it. Roosevelt blew it off. The blood from the deaths of so many Jews was on our hands as a nation by the actions of an incompetent President.

In contrast to this is President Harry Truman who courageously, over the objections of every member of his Cabinet, boldly, correctly, and officially recognized the formal existence of the State of Israel at 6:11pm Eastern Time, May 14, 1948, 11 minutes after David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s sovereignty at midnight, Israeli time.

President Trump, against the wishes of all but three persons in the room with him, rightly decided to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as a way of acknowledging that the Israelis, not the rest of the world, have a right to name their own capital, to claim Jerusalem as that capital, and for the rest of the world to stop making it an “international city” (buzzwords for disallowing the Jews to claim it) and declare it to be what it is: The eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.

But not so with the current administration, based on their decision to support Iran which is determined to wipe Israel off the map. Once again, we are in that horrific situation. Our prayer: “God, we repent as Americans, for the blood on our hands. We repent. God, we cry out, forgive us. We deserve judgement. We cry out for mercy. Amen.”

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