My mother experienced a taste of heaven Sept 9, then went there permanently on Sept 14.

My mother - Winifred Garlow, the Matriarch of Well Versed and the World Prayer Network - is in heaven. Allow me to give you background.

On Saturday September 9 at approximately 10:45am Pacific Time, Winifred Jane Garlow “crossed over” to heaven for a short time, but she saw heaven only partially. To her disappointment, she “came back.” (Details about that are below.)
However, on Thursday, September 14 at 6:40pm Pacific Time - at age 102 years, 3 months, 17 days, 22 hours and 28 minutes - she experienced heaven fully. She is the young Winifred again, with a new glorious body, like she experienced the Saturday prior. But this time, it is forever.
That being said, may I invite you to either come to one of the funeral services (California and Kansas) or watch online at

The San Diego funeral is at Skyline Wesleyan Church on Highway 94 in La Mesa, California on Thursday, September 21, with a 6pm viewing, 6:30pm service and 8pm desserts.

The Kansas funeral is at the Concordia, Kansas Wesleyan Church on Sunday afternoon, September 24, with a 2pm viewing and 2:30pm service.
Burial will be at the Walnut Grove Cemetery at 4:30pm on Sunday, September 24. The cemetery, which sits on a beautiful bluff overlooking the rich farmland of the Republican River Valley, looks down on the farm where Winifred and Burtis Garlow lived and raised their children.

The small community cemetery is adjacent to the pastures where she and her husband raised their cattle. A quarter mile south was the one room country school and one mile south was the old country church where Winifred grew spiritually as a young woman, a young wife, and a mother to become the godly person she was. The cemetery is the final resting place for her husband Burtis, her son Bob, her daughter Janie, her grandson Christopher, her sister and husband, her parents, her grandparents, her parents in law and many other in-laws.
Now, assuming you have the time to read more about this, allow me to give the background to what happened in much more detail.

After I spoke in Tulsa on Thursday, September 7, my wife and I got to spend a fabulous evening on Friday with my Son Joshua and his family in Arkansas. Then we were to fly via DFW to Kansas for the burial of my brother in law, Keat Wade
However, via texts during Friday night/Saturday morning, it was obvious that my mother, 102 years of age, in San Diego, was not doing well. My sister Judy was in Kansas for her husband’s burial. My daughter Janie, who takes such good care of her grandmother, was out of town. We realized that Mom was suddenly declining.
Deborah, a good friend of our family, and my daughter Josie raced over to my Mother’s house first thing Saturday morning. Deborah got there first and, with a wheelchair, was finally able to get Mom in her car. Josie arrived then, called me, and said “Grandma does not look good.”

They took her to a close by urgent care. My Mom’s head was falling forward, as if passing. When the urgent care nurses saw the situation, they called 911 for an ambulance to go to ER.

At that point, Josie FaceTimed us, as we were in the car on the way to the airport, to go through Dallas, to go to Kansas for my brother-in-law’s burial. Josie, thinking her grandmother might be “passing,” or so it seemed, wanted us to say our goodbyes.

We did, through tears, but as we were talking to her via FaceTime, her eyes suddenly closed and her head dropped. Moments later, Josie called back, saying, “She is unresponsive.” Josie was saying, “Grandma!” The doctor was saying, “Winifred.” No response.

The ambulance got her to ER. She revived. She was extremely weak, and barely able to talk. (She lost her voice about three weeks ago.)

We have since learned what happened when she was unresponsive. To put it succinctly, she “crossed over” and saw into “the other side.” The length of time (on earth, that is) she was gone was - we are not sure - likely as short as 20 seconds or maybe as long as 2 minutes. But during the time she was on “the other side,”(where there is no time, at least not like ours), she experienced so much!
As a side note, I co-authored two books with Keith Wall on heaven and the afterlife, which includes many interviews of persons who had NDE, near death experiences, and reported what they saw.

My daughter Josie had followed the ambulance to the ER, as they would not let her ride with them. Josie’s heart was racing. Apparently so was her car, as she arrived before the ambulance.

Josie did not know what to expect when they opened the back doors of the ambulance. To Josie’s shock, Grandma was very much alive, and had a “glow” and even somewhat of a smile. Josie could not figure out what had happened. Later, Grandma whispered that she had experienced “the other side.”

When we finally arrived at the hospital in San Diego, I asked my Mother, “What happened? What did you see?” She would smile slightly and said, “I will tell you later. I am still processing it.” I could tell by her countenance, it must be something remarkable.

I had arrived at the hospital about 7pm Saturday night September 9, stayed through the night with her. We watched by brother-in-law Keat’s funeral in Kansas via Facebook livestream at 11am Sunday morning Pacific Time.

The burial service apparently gave Mom the desire to talk about it. She was ready. So was I!

I audio recorded what she shared. Not merely one recording, Not just two. But rather a total of eight different short recordings. I grabbed my cell phone and began recording whenever she began to talk. It was glorious. I don’t feel I should probably post it here and now, not quite yet, but suffice to say that Mom was “partway there.” We will play it at the memorial services. In fact, through these recordings, my Mother is going to "preach her own funeral!"

My mother's trip to the heavenlies - as best as she could describe it - was something like “folds in a glorious curtain,” and she moved little by little, through three of these six or so folds, out of her body into a spiritual body. She could see a golden glow just a few “folds” over. She was “almost there.”
She was overwhelmed with joy as she tried to describe it to me. She was out of her body. She could hear them saying “Grandma” and “Winifred,” but she was “above all that.” She was absolutely overjoyed that her new spiritual body had no pain.

She repeatedly told me, “I had no pain!” She was awestruck by that reality.

And she was young. (I have a theory that our heavenly bodies will be the “age” (so called) at which Adam and Eve were created… maybe 18 to 24 range??) She kept saying, “Our vocabulary does not have words to describe it.”

But the most interesting phrase that she told me several times was, “I was laughing, and saying to myself, ‘If this is dying, this is fun!’” She said that numerous times, always with a smile on her face.

I recorded eight different segments, about 30 minutes in all. It was so precious. And tender.

At that point, I asked her, “Mom, do you want me to ‘release you’ to go to heaven?” “Yes!” she answered. So I did. That was on Sunday, September 10. My brother arrived Tuesday, September 12. My sister was able to get there September 14 at 4:15pm. At 6:40pm, our Mother moved to heaven.

She was ready. Are you? Receive Jesus as Savior. Repent of your sins. Turn from them. Make Him THE Lord of your life. Walk in obedience to His Ways.

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Sally Jo Landis - October 1st, 2023 at 8:48pm

What a beautiful story of your mother’s passing. She described dying as I’ve imagined it—a glorious “fun” experience! I’ve thought a lot about going to heaven since receiving a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis in January 2022 and given 6 months to die (but my work here for the Lord is not yet finished so I am already a year past when I was to die). Your family’s singing was beautiful! You are very blessed to have such a wonderful Godly heritage. May God bless you and your ministry in the days ahead. Thank you so much for sharing your mother’s story. It greatly encouraged me.


Sally Jo Landis

Lancaster, PA





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