What we experienced meeting with governmental people in 7 European nations in 2 weeks

As you are aware, Rosemary and I try to bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders…and to the people who elect them.

The doors opened once again for us to go to Europe these past two weeks to meet with Members of Parliament, government leaders, former Prime Ministers or thought leaders. This time we were in Austria, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, England, and The Netherlands. Although we encountered, not surprisingly, reasons for concern, we also experienced evidence for hope.

The trip was intensive. We are changing hotels and countries sometimes each day, or every other day, sometimes with flight challenges. The schedule can be rigorous. We pack in as many meetings as we possibly can. We came home thrilled that we had gone, yet exhausted. Rosemary slept for a solid 28 hours when we got home.

It is imperative, as the cancel culture attempts to silence people with Biblical values, that we band together globally, to stand in these perilous times.
I will give a written report later, but here is a video report for now.

Recent June 2023 Europe Report

We are also eager to tell you about the progress on a new Well Versed book, which will give the Biblical foundations to 60 political topics, which we need to get out to many persons, as soon as possible. And our wonderful team is working on impacting the younger generation in ways we never have. More information to follow.
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