Israel's Legal Land Rights and Borders

I want you to understand how to defend Israel from its constant attackers. Even some “evangelicals” like to advocate arrogant “Replacement Theology” (the church replaced the Jews and Israel), a subtle form of anti-Semitism. My doctoral studies are in church history. Even some of our key leaders (the Early Church Fathers and Reformation leader Martin Luther), in the midst of all their great writings, were often shockingly anti-Semitic.
Liberals and Leftist constantly denigrate Israel. In fact, more resolutions are passed in the United Nations in New York City against Israel than against all the other 192 nations combined (including North Korea, China, Russia and Iran). The latest attack on Israel at the UN took place this past Friday.
What is amazing is, Israel only occupies a fraction of 1% of all the land in the Middle East, yet there are those who don’t want them to have even that.
What's more: God promised to Israel the land from the Euphrates River to the Nile River. That is about 300,000 square miles. Under King David’s leadership, Israel, controlled around 200,000 square miles, at most. Now Israel has about 8,100 square miles, and people want to take even that away from them.
1)  Biblical borders of Israel, according to Genesis 15:18-21
2)  Israel's borders during King David's reign.
3)  Israel's borders today
Even among some evangelical “elite” and “intellectuals,” Israel is attacked. In ignorance, they claim Israel practices “apartheid.”

Others claim that Israel, in its handling of Samaria and Judea (by the way, don’t ever call it the “West Bank,” as there is no such place; check out Scripture) was “in violation of international law.” Really? Is it? The short answer is “no.”
While at The Hague in The Netherlands on two different occasions, we visited the International Court of Justice, sort of a 'Supreme Court for the Nations'. We visited with the attorneys in the Israeli Embassy in The Hague, asking them to teach us the key legal issues regarding Israel and its land.

Most of our time was spent with Attorney Andrew Tucker, who can discuss this issue as good as anyone we know. I want you to meet him. He will help you understand the key issues. Due to the fact that his sharing is so poignant and detailed, we have prepared an outline for you to download here.

Watch Andrew Tucker’s amazing presentation here.
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