Parents Standing Up to Loudoun County School Board

It is no hyperbole to say that “they” want to destroy your children. The radical left wants to take away parental authority, teach children that socialism is good and America is bad, that all white people are racists, that all normal people are homophobes, that children should be mutilated (without a parent even knowing), that school library books should be there to teach kindergartners to involve themselves in debauchery and perversion, complete with cartoons to illustrate to them how.

If I would have written the above paragraph even three or four years ago, it might have sounded like sensationalism. Not any more. Every line above can be backed up by facts. Tragically, this is happening in school districts all across America.

But… parents. That is the difference. Parents are saying, “No more. Not on our watch."
Click above to listen to Clint Thomas, a dad from Loudoun County, in his interview with the World Prayer Network. He stood up – as many did – against the child-destroyers.

And click here to watch Tina Descovish of “Moms for Liberty”. She will encourage you. We are not going to allow those who hate righteousness and holiness to decimate our children and grandchildren.
Dr. Jim Garlow
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Rosemary Schindler Garlow
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