Parental Rights

Most people do not know that a law from the Reagan Administration states that parents have a right to know exactly what their children are being taught in school. Do not allow the teacher’s unions – or any teacher – to destroy your children and grandchildren.

My (late) wife, Carol, and I adopted four children. We had a very positive experience in the education of our children, who were educated through:
Private schools
Christian schools
Public schools
And what, in California, is called “Nonpublic placement” (a high level of special education)

Our grandchildren have been in charter schools and “hybrid” programs consisting of three days a week in school and two days a week in homeschooling.
All of these experiences were positive. However, as parents, we kept a strongly watchful eye on what was being taught. We interacted with teachers often, as every parent should.

But that was then. This is now. Things have changed, and not for the better. We have come to a bizarre era in American education. Radicals and extremists – the teachers unions – have introduced sexually vile and racially charged material. Just today, I was reading one of the books that children are asked to read. It was profoundly raw and obscene.

The good news is that there are many good teachers. I affirm them. However, there are some who are anti-Biblical in their views. We do not have to allow the unions and those teachers who are woke and so-called “progressive" to destroy the innocence of our children. As stated above, what is not widely known is that BY FEDERAL LAW, teachers are required to let parents know what is being taught. Starting in Loudon County, Virginia, you are observing a parents' revolution, taking back control of schools and school boards from those who would harm our children. Praise God for this “holy revolt.”
Reed Rubenstein
For information on your rights, listen to Reed Rubenstein, Senior Counselor for America First Legal,, who served in the Trump Administration in three different capacities: as Deputy Associate Attorney General, as General Counsel, U.S. Department of Education (delegated), and at one point as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury. Listen to his presentation about "Students' and Parents' Rights in Education".
Dran Reese   |   Sam Sorbo   |   Lisa Dunne
You also need to know about the upcoming FUTURE Conference in Arlington, VA (outside Washington, D.C.), July 20-22, where we will talk in-depth about education. Movie star and radio talk show host Sam Sorbo (married to movie actor Kevin Sorbo) will talk about “underground education.” Dran Reese will talk about “exiting the indoctrination centers” and Dr. Lisa Dunne will talk about how to “reclaim the next generation” by starting your own college! These three women are brilliant communicators. Check out more info here.
Dr. Jim Garlow
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