Kevin Jessip, and Details On "What's Going On In the World".

Our world has changed dramatically since March of 2020. Nothing is the same. That being the case, it is important to stay close to our Lord and in the Word, to keep ourselves informed regarding Biblical prophecy, and to be aware of national and international developments.
Kevin and Donna Jessip
One of my friends, Kevin Jessip, who is both a businessman and a pastor, has knowledge of what is happening globally. He interacts daily with top-level government leaders in various nations, as well as top businessmen and even military personnel. He has his proverbial “finger on the (global) pulse.”
When I recently asked Kevin, “What is happening in the world?” here is his rather amazing 1-hour-and-11-minute answer. If the times were not so critical, you would not need to listen to this. But my sensing is that you will be really glad you watched this.
His message was so content-rich and detail-heavy, I could not keep up in my notetaking. I asked something I've never asked an interviewed guest before: I requested his outline. I expected him to send me one page full of bullet points. Instead he sent me a 17-page document. It has some stunning content.
Listen to the interview here.
See Kevin Jessip's extensive outline here.
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