"How Does My Gay Marriage Affect Your Straight Marriage?"

If you were asked this question by a homosexual, "How does my gay marriage hurt your straight marriage?”, could you answer it? Many cannot.
I want you to be able to answer that – and hundreds of other questions. That’s why I want to tell you about the Well Versed FUTURE Conference, July 20-22, 2022


These three days are jam-packed with 40 top-notch speakers and teachers, plus exclusive tours of Washington D.C., George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon, and Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. Where have you ever heard of a conference like that?
Now, back to the question about marriage. I was on the Dr. Phil Show – twice. It was 2008, and the California Supreme Court had just ruled in favor of Prop. 8, defining marriage as “one man and one woman.” On one particular discussion panel, there were three of us who supported God’s definition of marriage and three people who wanted to affirm that for which God destroyed Sodom. One of the guys on “the other side” was a man named Gavin Newsom. Another was Gloria Allred, the well-known feminist attorney. Half of Dr. Phil’s audience supported Biblical, historic, orthodox marriage. The other half supported decimating the 5,000-year-old definition of marriage.
It was intense. Very intense. The audience yelled. It was sometimes hard to hear. You can watch the two Dr. Phil shows here. (Warning: I am 13 years younger, much thinner, with much longer, and thus much curlier, hair.) Here are the two links:

The reason I have told you this story is so I could ask you a question: In the volatile and polarized season in which we live, are you able to speak out on these hot topics in a Biblical, winsome, compelling, magnetic and convincing way?
Are you able to answer the questions? Can you answer the above question that was asked by a guy in the audience of the Dr. Phil show: “How does my gay marriage hurt your straight marriage?”
To be able to answer this question (and so many others!), come to the Well Versed FUTURE Conference, July 20-22 at the Marriott Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. This is really three different one-day conferences, back-to-back. On Day 1, you will be taught WHAT TO SAY & HOW TO SAY IT. Check out the very unique plans we have for Day 2 and Day 3 of the Future Conference, and register here: https://www.wellversedworld.org/future-conference
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed


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