Our 5th Attempt to Save Ukrainian Lives

I (Jim Garlow) have been in dialogue with my good friend, former member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Pavel Unguryan. As we talked, I could hear the exhaustion in his voice. The pain in Ukraine is stunning. I suppose that you, too, have seen the pictures from the town of Bucha. This is shocking.
Over the recent weeks, THANKS TO YOUR GENEROSITY, the World Prayer Network (in conjunction with Well Versed) has raised $141,420.35 for the following:
  • The Jewish Agency (helping get Jews out of harm’s way, to other nations, especially to Israel) - $65,187.36
  • The City of Destiny (partnering with about eight organizations to provide food for Ukrainians who made it to the Polish border) - $40,997.36
  • Bishop Oleksandr Rudynets (who oversees 1,300 charismatic churches, who is assisting thousands of refugees fleeing the other parts of the nation) - $13,772.00
  • Children’s Hospital (via Pavel Ungaryan, buying water tanks and wood burning stoves to provide water and warmth) - $21,463.63

Now we are investing in a fifth venture. We are sending funds directly to Pavel Unguryan personally with the instruction, “Take these funds and save as many Ukrainian lives as you can.” Frankly, this is a desperate moment. Every passing hour can make the difference whether some live and some die.
Pavel Unguryan
Why Pavel Unguryan? He is a recognized, trusted, spiritual and governmental leader. Who is Pavel? Pavel (also spelled Pavlo) Unguryan, when elected to the Parliament of Ukraine, was the youngest person serving in that office at that time. He quickly emerged as a leader, specifically a spiritual leader, in the nation.

He is the Chairman of the Inter-Factional Parliamentary Group "For Spirituality, Morality and Health of Ukraine," which has organized more than 100 elected officials, who have helped write laws which support morality, spirituality, churches and the traditional family in Ukraine.

Pavel has also served as coordinator of the National Prayer Breakfasts in Ukraine since 2011. I have had the privilege of speaking at this event. In contrast to the U.S. National Prayer Breakfast which unabashedly platforms pro-abortion, pro-homosexual “marriage” elected officials, the Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast is solidly, Scripturally sound on its strong pro-life, pro-historic one man-one woman marriage stance.

If you would like to see my December 21, 2021 interview with Pavel (well before the Russian invasion), click here.

If you desire to JOIN WITH US and send funds to Pavel Unguyran personally for the express purpose of SAVING AS MANY UKRAINIAN LIVES AS HE CAN, CLICK HERE.

Important Explanation: It is the policy of the World Prayer Network (founded by Mario Bramnick & Jim Garlow) and Well Versed (the organization which logistically and financially underwrites the WPN, founded by Jim & Rosemary Garlow) to give 100% of funds that are raised for the Ukrainians. Nothing is taken out for “administrative costs.” Even the $30 that is charged every time we wire funds is absorbed by Well Versed so that every cent raised gets to Ukraine.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING IN THIS CRITICAL NEED, in attempt to save lives in Ukraine.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed


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