Chilling Interview with Artur Pawlowski

For the sake of justice, I need you to write a letter (a sample letter is below), and make one simple phone call (the number is below).
I have done many interviews over the years, but I think the April 2nd, Sunday night interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski was one of the most chilling I have ever done. He has been arrested in the Province of Alberta (Canada) 16 times. He has 100 courts cases pending with 340 citations. When we interviewed him on Sunday night, he had just come out of 50 days of brutal – I repeat, brutal – and horrific treatment in solitary confinement. You must hear his story.

We have all heard the stories of barbaric torture and treatment of Christians – especially pastors – in Communist China or Russia or Iran or other tyrannical nations, but I was not prepared for what the Premier of Alberta, Canada – Jason Kenney – had done to a Christian pastor. I have followed this story for about a year. Others were telling me it was awful. Somehow, I was convinced that these types of things surely were not happening in North America. But I was wrong.
I am asking you for a big favor. I am asking for an entire hour of your time. Of all the interviews I have done, I don’t recall ever having a person speak for an hour (or more). But I simply could not interrupt Pastor Artur Pawlowski. I was so shocked at the level of pain intentionally inflicted on this pastor (for preaching the Gospel and for feeding the homeless) by the Premier of Alberta. It is shocking.
Artur understands the evils of a totalitarian government. He fled Poland when it was under the Communist. Canada welcomed him. He had no idea that the evils of what he fled would come upon his beloved Canada.
When you get done listening to Pastor Artur, please call the office of the Premier (that is like a governor of a state) of the Province of Alberta (Canada), Jason Kenney at 780-427-2251 (Edmonton) or 780-427-2711 (outside Alberta) (see the letter below for what to say) and please email the Premier at (see the sample letter below).
You might think your call or email is not noticed. You are wrong. The Premier is very aware that the negative press about his egregious conduct is very harmful to Canada’s image. This is an injustice that must not be overlooked. Be assured, Leftists dictators are “testing” to see what they can get by with . If it’s Canada today, it is the U.S. tomorrow.
One man emailed to me today a copy of what he wrote to Premier Jason Kenney. You might want to look at this well-written letter, then compose your own email in your own words. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Premier Jason Kenney,
  I am an American citizen. I have been made aware of serious and shocking human rights violations taking place against Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a fellow Christian and citizen of Canada from Calgary, Alberta. I have personally heard the details of terrible atrocities and tortures that were visited on him in his recent incarcerations under the supervision of the RCMP and your penal institutions. I believe that these details will soon be available to national and international publications.
    Such atrocities are expected in 3rd world authoritarian regimes, but certainly not in Western democracies, especially not in North America. I plan on alerting our state and federal elected officials and encouraging them to place Alberta on restricted status for commerce and cooperation until such atrocities can be investigated and rectified. He is obviously under political persecution and harassment for exercising the free speech and religious rights that are due to all Canadian citizens.
  I urge you to drop all charges against Pastor Pawlowski immediately and personally oversee the dismantling of the rogue elements of the RCMP and your prison system who are responsible for these atrocities.   You must lead the charge on securing freedom of religion and freedom of speech for all the people of Alberta.
(Your name)

The above is a superbly-written letter. You can pattern yours after this, but use your own words. But please, please, please, for the sake of Pastor Artur Pawlowski (and the five or six or seven other pastors who have been arrested) both write and call Premiere Jason Kenney. Today. Now.
You can help with Artur's DEFENSE FUND here.

Watch Artur’s painful story here
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed

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