Pastor Artur Pawlowski... in Solitary Confinement


Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, is in jail. Again. Solitary Confinement. For what reason? Feeding homeless people and preaching/living out the Gospel.

Remember, Pawlowski grew up under Communism in Poland. When he and his family decided to flee, the Canadian government welcomed them. Now in Canada, he sees similar Communistic-like treatment occurring.
Nathaniel Pawlowski, Ezra Levant, Giulio Gabeli
What on earth is happening in Canada? Listen to Pastor Pawlowski’s son, Nathaniel, and the highly-informed and articulate Ezra Levant of Rebel News share the details of the horrific treatment suffered by Pastor Artur. Also, get an overview of what is happening with the church in Canada from Pastor Giulio Gabeli. We have good reason to be profoundly concerned for our “Neighbor to the North.” If these things are happening in Canada, is the U.S. far behind?
CLICK HERE to listen to our interviews with Pawlowski, Levant and Gabeli, as well as a brief report from two remarkable women regarding the U.S. American Truckers, “The People’s Convoy,” which has arrived in Washington, DC.
Victor Akhterov, Kevin Freeman, Steve Cortes
Don’t forget to watch the World Prayer Network today, Sunday, March 13th, at 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET to get an update about Ukraine from Victor Akhterov, then a longer discussion of how you can protect yourself and your bank accounts from the risk of what Trudeau did to Canadians (freezing their bank accounts), presented by the host of the TV show “Economic War Room,” Kevin Freeman, and former top Trump Administration Advisor, Steve Cortes, as he talks about the escalation of the Russian War on Ukraine and possible regional expansion, potential U.S. backlash with Economic Warfare, possible demise of U.S. Dollar, the Davos Reset and Cyber Warfare.
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