The Canadian Trucker Movement, PART 2 - The Spiritual Significance, From Godly Leaders On-Site

Get the REAL story from four different guests on the World Prayer Network last night, listed #1 through #4 below. If you want the entire call in one, go directly to #5 below.
Pastor Henry Hildebrandt
1. Watch this encouraging report from Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, who is on-site in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – with the truckers – leading in prayer meetings. The authorities shut down his church for having worship services and seized the church building. People rose up from around the world to raise $275,000 to pay the fines. He is being threatened with $60 million in fines and 15 years in prison – for having church services. In spite of this, he has a forgiving, loving, gentle spirit. Click here for this exhilarating 30-minute glimpse into what God is doing in Ottawa right now.
Harold Jonker
2. Harold Jonker drove the first truck in the first convoy in Ottawa. His is a lover of Jesus; when I first called him he answered, “You interrupted our hymn sing!” He and his wife have 13 children. God is using in him remarkable ways. Click here for an encouraging half-hour report of God at work.
3. Faytene Grasseschi, a young mother of two children (driven from their house by harassing authorities), and host of a Christian TV show in Canada gives the most informative and thrilling 28-minute professional news report you will ever hear, breaking down the latest that is happening spiritually and politically. Click here to listen to her presentation on the World Prayer Network last night.
Rene McIntyre
4. Pastor Rene McIntyre gave a chilling report of authorities shutting down their church, but the church continued to meet in sub-zero temperatures, kneeling in the snow. The congregation grew to about two-and-a-half times the size of what it was before their physical location was shut down. Listen to her report, as well as the people who came on the World Prayer Network to pray for Canada.
Unabridged, unedited. We encourage you to watch the entire World Prayer Network Call – all four videos above in their original, full-length format – a 2-hour and 45-minute broadcast. HERE IT IS.
Dr. Jim Garlow
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Rosemary Schindler Garlow
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