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Well Versed mentors young adults

By partnering with other pro-biblical organizations, sponsoring young adults to attend training events in Washington, D.C., the United Nations in New York City and Israel. Contact Rosemary Schindler Garlow at Rosemary@WellVersedWorld.org for information on Global Impact trips.

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Rosemary Schindler Garlow works to assist Young Adults to come to Washington, DC – here pictured meeting with Members of Congress

Chris Shields, who currently works as a volunteer with Well Versed, has lived in New York City and ministered in the United Nations, as well as in Washington, DC, ministering to Members of Congress, as well as Congressional Staff.

This www.WellVersedWorld.org website gives you an overview of what we do. But a new website is COMING SOON. www.WellVersedU.org will have our compelling teaching content – the biblical principles of governance.Watch for this exciting addition to the Well Versed lineup