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Patio Chat 3, Covid: “Why You Should Care About Emergency Preparedness” – 7:01

• EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: One should always be emergency prepared – always. Some are. Most aren’t. You may be. Or you might be one of those who is not. You need to be. Now. Food. Water. Other necessities. Enough to last a substantial time. And a small generator, if possible. This is also biblical. Joseph did it for Egypt in Genesis. The five virgins in Matthew 25 were rewarded for being prepared. By being prepared you can care for one another, as the Bible admonishes us. Will this calamity be over soon? Maybe. Maybe not. Be emergency prepared. There are companies that sell quality emergency preparedness items. Candidly, you should have purchased them some time ago. It is almost too late, but not entirely. If you don’t use the items now, you will have them in the next crisis. Being prepared is an act of responsibility to yourself, your family and your neighbors. A demonstration of love. And by the way, having is not hoarding. Don’t feel guilty for preparing for the unpredictable. Don’t let others “guilt” you. Repeating: having is not hoarding. While essential infrastructure that provides electricity, fuel for our cars and water is not being impacted, it is always wise to think through what you would do if those essential services were cut off.