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Well Versed Ministry: Who we are, What we do and Why
“…For such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

(Explanation: The links below will take you to many pictures. However, this is ultimately not a photo gallery. This is a prayer page. We humbly ask that you view the pictures in a spirit of prayer for every governmental leader you see. Pray for them personally, their families, marriages and children. Pray for their emotional, physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual health. Public service is not an easy calling. It is difficult. There are many challenges and temptations. Most of all, please pray for them to have deep understanding of God’s perfect ways of the biblical principles of governance. Please use the links below for sincere heartfelt prayer. Please proceed to the links below in that attitude.)

Our Mission

We “bring biblical principles of governance for government leaders.” The world is in crisis. So many human institutions are failing. Everyone knows it.

Most people know that the Bible speaks clearly about: 1) personal matters, (2) family matters, and (3) church life. However, the Bible also speaks equally clearly regarding (4) civil government. God originally established government and establishes nations today. He knows best how government is to function. Thus, Well Versed ministry is committed to bringing biblical principles of governance for governmental leaders.

Human suffering, pain and poverty will only be reduced once nations follow the biblical principles of governance. Only eternal and transcendent truths will produce peace and prosperity in nations. Shipping bags of beans and rice to starving people is important. Very important. What is even better is when the government follows the biblical economic principles so that people can grow their own beans and rice, or have gainful employment that allows them to purchase what they need. Nations need to follow the biblical principle of governance.

How This Calling Began

On August 13, 1956, Jim Garlow, only a nine year old, while watching the Democrat National Convention on television in his North Central Kansas farm house, sensed his calling to the political arena, and would later call it a “governmental anointing.” Years later as a an adult, he desired to impact those running for office with the truth of God’s Word. As a pastor, he frequently invited candidates – Republican, Democrat and Independents – to his church, and was involved with them in countless campaigns, praying for them. At one point, he thought he might run for office, but instead sensed God’s leading that he was not to run for office but was to encourage those who do. Those words, “encourage those who run for office” has been a central focus of his life for the last forty years.

We are told that the two things you are not to discuss are “religion and politics.” But in the home in which Jim grew up, his farm family discussed theology and government on a continual basis. Consequently, his sister – Judy Garlow Wade – also became heavily involved in the governmental arena, as an prayer leader-intercessor, leading groups in thousands of hours of intercession for those in governmental service, including leading or participating in many “prayer walks” to governmental centers.

The Methodology

Carrying the Well Versed message everywhere we can.

Well Versed teaches biblical principles of governance for government leaders through small group Bible studies or one-on-one meetings with governmental leaders (ambassadors, elected officials, career bureaucrats).

Republican or Democrat

Let us be very clear about one matter. We are not ultimately interested in the labels “Republican” or “Democrat.” We have no interest in partisanship for the sake of partisanship. We are not ultimately interested in the nomenclature of “Right vs. Left.” However, we are very interested in “Right vs. Wrong,” that is “right” as God defines right according to His Word.
Our hope is not ultimately in a political party. It is in the Word of God being followed in our nation as well as other nations. Our interest is in getting every person we can to become “well versed,” knowing what the Word says about civil governance. Political platforms, if they are to bless the citizenry, need to conform to God’s Word, since He is the one who established government and establishes nations.

Because the Word of God respects life in the womb, we do as well. Because the Word of God establishes one man-one woman marriage, we likewise affirm that. Because the Word of God defines the unique role of Israel and the Jewish people, and outlines the consequences for dividing His land, we too honor that. Because the Word of God speaks to economic matters – affirming “choice-based economics over coercion-based economics (socialism and its various derivations), we too affirm the “free market,” when parametered within Judeo-Christian values. Because the Word speaks about how to lift up the disenfranchised, the destitute, as opposed to encouraging a permanent underclass with a mentality of victimhood, resentment, entitlement and coveting, we do as well. Because the Word of God loves the poor, so do we. Because the Word of God detests racism, so do we. Because the Word of God stands in opposition to the current “politically correct” and “cancel culture,” so do we. We are focused on one thing: the Word of God and its relevance to civil governance – whether that be taxation, minimum wage, social security, healthcare, welfare, immigration, abortion, marriage, a theology of just war, parental authority, educational philosophy and many other issues – and bringing the eternal and transcendent truths of God’s Word to government leaders when we can, as well as to the people who elect them.

We believe that to the extent God’s Word is followed in civil governance, human pain, suffering and poverty can be reduced. To the extent that God’s Word is not followed in civil governance, human pain, suffering and poverty is increased.


The Three-Pronged Strategy to Teach Biblical Principles of Governance

Before you go further, have some fun and take some GPQ (Government-Political Quotient) tests. If you score high, great. If you don’t, make it a learning experience and take it second time. (Coming Soon)

1. For Government Leaders

  • Washington, D.C. –
  • Weekly, for Members of Congress, U.S. Capitol
  • Monthly, for Persons Various Departments and Agencies

(NOTE: During the Coronavirus, some Well Versed small group Bible studies have continued by Zoom meetings, but most have not been able to meet. During this season, our focus has shifted to training those who elect government leaders, as opposed to primarily government leaders themselves. We have increased our training of citizens through social media (four Facebook sites, Instagram, Twitter and others), podcasts, The Garlow Report, The Garlow Perspective, text messages, email newsletters, Zoom PRS [Public Reading of Scripture] and book distribution).

 2. Mentorship / Training Programs

Mentorship / Training Programs for young adults (raising up the next generationwith instruction and sponsored trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Israel, working with various other organizations).

…and with local congregations (through our “Association of Well Versed Churches”).

Furthermore, Well Versed cares deeply about religious freedom and the tragic increasing global persecution of Christians along with the horrific rise of anti-Semitism.

 3. Governmental Missions consisting of “on site,” first-hand experiential training, ranging from tours of nations to help Well Versed stakeholders know key political leaders and issues … to direct private meetings with Heads-of-State.

  • Governmental Leadership Trips – teaching the biblical principles of governance
  • Heads of State visits: Dr. Garlow, as a part of a team of 8-12 persons, over the past two years, has met with:


Dr. Jim Garlow and Rosemary Schindler Garlow

Our Team
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“…Make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you….” – Matthew 28:19-20

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