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We are profoundly indebted to Austin Ruse, founder of the Center for Family and Human Rights (formerly C-Fam), for helping us begin at the United Nations, along with his colleague Stefano Gennarini. Had it not been for these two, we would not have known how to begin. We are profoundly indebted to them.

United Nations Ministry Video Collection

We are not sure we made the right decision, but we decided to try to go forward. We crowded the camera – and us – as best we could, under a canopy. The rain was coming down. Even under the partial covering, the rain was hitting our backs. The noise was bad. The splashing of the car tires in the puddles on the street can be heard.

To be frank, we will likely dispose of these sometime soon, due to the challenging conditions and poor quality. But for now we are leaving them up. The content is good even if the filming conditions – the audio and video –  were difficult.

We hope you can overlook the challenges we faced and still learn from these teaching segments.