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What is the difference between the UN in New York City and the UN in Geneva?  As a general rule, the one is NYC deals more with political issues while the one in Geneva is more focused more on human rights.

Dr. Jim and Rosemary Garlow had the privilege of speaking to a small group of employees at the United Nations in Geneva in 2018.

Jim spoke again in 2019 in Geneva at GILLP, the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, linking with many persons from all over the world who are passionate about seeing scriptural solutions to global pain, hunger and poverty.

As you know, this is not a photo gallery. This is a prayer page. We would not take your time for a mere photo gallery. We ask your earnest prayer as you see this page. Pray that the nations of the world become “well versed,” operating on biblical principles of governance which can reduce human pain, suffering and poverty.

Also, will you pray for us that Well Versed might be able to begin Bible studies on the biblical principles of governance in UN in Geneva, Switzerland. Will you be our prayer partner on this?

The Theological Background
to Geneva’s Former Politics

While in Geneva, Switzerland – the famous and impressive “Reformers Wall,” in the city of John Calvin, who lived in the mid 1500s.