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We provide:

  • Onsite experiential training to better understand governmental leaders and the issues they face.
  • Biblical, Church History, and governmental tours
    • Israel (Rosemary Schindler Garlow had made over 70 trips to Israel. Contact her for the next trip.)
    • Church history trips have been offered by Dr. Jim Garlow, covering the lives of John Wesley (England), Martin Luther (Germany), John Calvin (France and Switzerland), Ulrich Zwingli (Switzerland), and Jon Hus (Czech Republic).
    • Global Impact Tours are designed to bring you into contact with governmental leaders. For example, recent trips were made to The Netherlands and Ukraine. Dr. Garlow spoke in Geneva, Switzerland (Home of the United Nations), and will be speaking to Members of Congress in Costa Rica, on the topic of “the relevance of Scripture when applied to governmental issues.”


Because Mission Tours form relationships and understanding, while bringing biblical principles of governance to governmental leaders worldwide.