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Key Issues

Problem: Pollster, George Barna, discovered in 2013 that while approximately 90% of pastors agreed that the Bible speaks to the cultural, social and political issues of our day, 90% of those same pastors said that they had not or would not speak out on those same cultural, social and political issues that the Bible speaks to.

Solution: Well Versed speaks out on what the Bible says about governmental and political issues.

Pollster, George Barna, discovered in 2015 that persons in the pews of American churches said that they do not speak out on the issues because “we do not know what to say.”

Well Versed has easy-to-use resources to help you not only “know what to say,” but help others know what to say by organizing Well Versed small groups, and becoming part of the “Association of Well Versed Churches.”

Bible Study
We help YOU begin a small group Well Versed Bible study – complete with easy-to-use books, short videos and Q’s & A’s. YOU can be Well Versed!

With your help, we are forming the “Association of Well Versed Churches” – assisting the persons in the pews to know what to say.

This www.WellVersedWorld.org website gives you an overview of what we do. But a new website is COMING SOON. www.WellVersedU.org will have our compelling teaching content – the biblical principles of governance. Watch for this exciting addition to the Well Versed lineup.