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Patio Chat 17, Covid: “The Passover of the Angel of Death: Figuratively Placing Blood on the Doorpost of Your Home” – 3:54

• PROTECTION: On the biblical calendar, we just went through Purim (the Jewish people saved from destruction through the bravery of Esther) – on Monday evening, March 9 to Tuesday evening, March 10 – and are on our way to Passover (Israel escaping Pharaoh and leaving Egypt) – the evening of Wednesday, April 8 to evening of Thursday, April 16 – two powerful events scripturally. In preparation for Passover, the Israelites placed blood on their doorposts to escape the angel of death. The modern-day equivalent for us today is to participate – with sobriety and careful self-reflection – in the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper. Gather your family. Pray. And then symbolically place “the blood on your doorpost” by the receiving of the bread and the cup. This is not a superstitious act. Nor is it magic. This is a deeply spiritual act that God will bles