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Patio Chat 9, Covid: “The Never-Acknowledged Heroes in Moments Like This: Blue Collar Workers” – 4:41

• HEROES: We all acknowledge first responders and that is good. But medical personnel are not often as recognized. And never acknowledged are the blue-collar workers who keep this nation moving. I was delighted to see the Wall Street Journal acknowledge this in an article that read, “Truckers Facing Coronavirus Hurdles in Keeping Supply Chains Open” (March 18, 2020). In addition, Daily Mail Australia (March 18, 2020) had a headline that read “Supermarket superheroes: Hardworking employees have been hailed as the ‘unsung heroes’ of the coronavirus pandemic – as brave workers are compared to firefighters braving bushfires.” Finally, lower income workers are getting the accolades they deserve. Everything you have, came to you by a trucker. All the food in your kitchen cabinet was handled by a grocery worker. I have felt for decades that the blue-collar workers are so under-acknowledged. Imagine trying to make it very long without a mechanic, for example.