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Patio Chat 10, Covid: “Solitude, Not Isolation” – 6:56

• PHYSICAL DISTANCING: It does not have to be “social” distancing. As one of my friends noted, it is “physical” (six feet) distancing not “social” distancing. If God wanted us to be “socially” distanced, he would not have created iPhones, Livestreaming, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

• ISOLATION: We can’t gather together. Think of it. It’s one of our fundamental rights – the right to assemble. But we can’t. Only in smaller groups. First, smaller than 1,000. Then only 250. Then 10. We can’t hug, embrace or shake hands. We can’t even walk together – at least not within six feet of each other. You are to stay in your house. Period. Stay in your house! As I write this, we are not yet legally mandated to stay in our houses, but we are close to it. Possibly by the time you read this, you may be forced to stay home. Martial law! In America? Is that possible? Yes. In the entire world? Yes. How is this possible?

• SOLITUDE RATHER THAN ISOLATION: But it does not have to be “isolation.” It can be – positively stated – solitude. Isolation is “aloneness.” Solitude is badly needed quiet time – with oneself. And with God. It is as if God has said, “Enough! Stop. You never stop racing. I’ll just shut the entire world down.”