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Patio Chat 7, Covid: “Should Churches Be Closing?” – 6:27

• THE PAUSE: I am not making claims theologically about this “pestilence,” but the entire world has been put on pause. What is God up to in this moment? That is the most important question to ask right now.

• THE CHURCH: Some church buildings closed last Sunday. Others remained open. I read on Facebook that pastors were criticized for their decisions. People need to stop it. Pastors – at least the ones I know – love their people. They try to hear from God. Some felt they should close the building to protect people’s health. Others felt – based on what they knew at that point – that it was a “faith issue” and stayed open. Do not criticize any pastor – for whatever decision he/she made. Staying open was not presumptive and closing was not a lack of faith. Stop the criticism. Expend the energy that you have by praying for your pastor. Realistically the church was not “closed.” Only a building was closed. You – we, all of us – are the church. We are always “open.”

• VICTORY: Churches who were open had great services. Churches that closed used technology to reach more people than they ordinarily could. One of my friends had 1.1 million people watching! Another had 250,000! Many responded to the call of salvation. The Bible-believing churches across America – whether buildings were open or closed – were truly the church last Sunday. It was remarkable.