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Announcing a spiritual equipping opportunity for our
Well Versed partners regarding the World Prayer Network

If you are receiving value from the World Prayer Network’s bi-weekly calls, we invite you to partner with us to help continue these broadcasts. The financial costs of the World Prayer Network calls are being borne by Well Versed, a 501(c)3 ministry.  Please take this opportunity to receive from Israel a Biblically authentic trumpet, a shofar, as a donor gift to this ministry.  You have seen and heard Robert Weinger, who begins and ends our World Prayer Network calls to open the way for our prayers to be released around the world. 

Robert Weinger is headquartered in Beth Hogla, a recently revived Jewish community near Jericho, near the place where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea. This Biblically significant location is the crossing point where Joshua’s army entered the Promised Land, where Elijah went up in the Chariot of Fire, the site of Elisha’s School of the Prophets, and where John baptized Jesus.  

The shofar calls us to awaken, to repent, to gather, and to return to God – Teshuvah. Its meaning is rich in end-time significance. As God’s Trumpet, it will be heard at Messiah’s coming, “when the last trump will sound”.  It is an alarm announcing the soon return of our glorious Savior and is a precious prayer item. 

Robert will personally select each shofar to ensure its quality of sound and structure for our partners. He is regarded as a premier shofar sounder in Israel and the world, able to play double – not one, but two – triple twist shofars at once, with different tones from each.  

Thank you for supporting Well Versed’s efforts to bring biblical principles of governance to government leaders and to underwrite ongoing prayer and briefings through the World Prayer Network broadcasts as we pray for righteousness, holiness, Biblical justice, and truth to prevail in the nations. 

We are blessed to offer three types of donor gift shofars to our donors: The Ram’s Horn ($250 donation),
the large Yemenite triple twist kudu shofar ($1,000 donation), and an extra large Yemenite triple twist hand-painted shofar
embellished by Israeli artisans ($2,500 donation).

  • Your shofar is personally selected by Robert Weinger and is shipped directly from Israel. 
  • Each shofar is of the highest standard for quality and sound from Shofar So Great.
  • Postage is included in your order and a tracking number will be provided. 
  • Please allow 30-60 business days for delivery from Israel. 

9″ – 13″ ram’s horn shofar fully polished, half polished, or all-natural. This beautiful ram’s horn is your gift with a one-time donation of $250.00.

42″ – 44″ large Yemenite triple twist kudu shofar. This elegant piece is your gift with a one- time donation of $1,000.00.

42″– 46″ fully polished hand-selected and hand-painted limited edition Yemenite Kudu Shofar, signed by noted Israeli artist Irina Rabinovich including a certificate of authenticity.  This Yemenite Kudu Shofar is your gift for a one-time donation of $2,500.00.

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