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EXPANSION MODE: Government leaders

Increase Well Versed Bible studies in Congress, Washington D.C., Supreme Court, United Nations (NYC), and Launch ministries in; United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, The Hague, Netherlands and European Headquarters.

  • (Goal: four more in three years)
  • Begin a weekly Scripturally-based fax and/or emailed two-minute video for the 535 Members of Congress, for selected Ambassadors and other elected officials, based on the most highly visible political issue at the time. (Needing more staff to launch this in 2020)
  • Begin more Well Versed Bible studies in Washington, DC, with a goal of touching two-thirds of the agencies/departments (Needed: More staff to reach the goal of 10 agencies in the next 3 years)
  • Start Well Versed Bible study among those who work in the Supreme Court of the US (Goal: 2020)
  • Launch ministries for those who work at:
    • United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland (2021)
    • International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands (2022)
    • European Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France (2022)