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Heaven and the Afterlife Collection consists of two books re-released as one book: Heaven and the Afterlife, and Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife, co-authored with Keith Wall   Heaven and the Afterlife Religious beliefs about the “geography” of the afterlife – and the roadmap we must follow to get there – have varied widely throughout history. But few cultures have doubted there is such a place or that human consciousness survives to see it. Funerals have always been rites of passage from this life to the next, ranging in form from simple burial or cremation to immensely complex procedures lasting days or weeks. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, took more than forty days to mummify their dead, carefully keeping the body and all its organs intact so the soul would have a place to live in the next life.   Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife Fascinating Accounts of Afterlife Encounters
What happens when we die?
What is heaven really like?
When we arrive, will we know people?
What role do angels play in our lives?
Can the amazing experiences of everyday people reveal insights into life “on the other side”? Trusted pastor Jim Garlow and experienced journalist Keith Wall believe they can. Together they have collected dozens of firsthand stories of near-death experiences, angelic encounters, and other startling occurrences that provide a captivating glimpse into the next life, as well as the invisible spiritual world that surrounds us each day.
Writing from a biblical perspective, the authors offer a message of comfort, hope, and inspiration—and a gripping reminder that life is more than what we see in the here and now.