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President Trump
and Dr. Jim Garlow
in the Oval Office

I did not know these two pictures existed until the morning of the election – November 3, 2020  – when the one was sent to me, showing the expression on my face. As I looked at the picture, I noticed my friend Tony, behind me taking a picture, and asked if he might be able to send it to me, showing the face of the President. He did.

One of the greatest honors of my life has been to serve this President, with a wonderful group of pastors and Christian leaders, as a type of faith advisory group.

Never before has any president been so vilified. That is wrong. I know him. I have been with him. I am not with him often, but the times I have been with him have shown me who he is.

For those who constantly criticize President Trump, may I ask you to read this: https://www.charismanews.com/politics/opinion/83180-understanding-donald-trump-the-man-and-his-faith
and this article as well: https://www.wellversedworld.org/coronavirus/dr-garlows-view-of-president-trump/

Why do I defend him? Because I know he wants to do right, and actually does so. How? For one, through policies. I care deeply about biblical principles and the way they might be expressed in public policy.

My ultimate hope in not in a political party – Republican or Democrat. My hope is in the Lord. And I have confidence in the Word of God. Thus I care deeply about biblical principles of governance. And serving alongside this President has been a distinct honor.