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Well Versed is prayer-driven, prayer-supported by two groups:

  1. The Well Versed Intercessory Team – a small, select, intense, traveling group

The Well Versed Intercessory Team is led by Dr Jim Garlow’s sister, Judy Garlow Wade.

When former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann moved to New York City for one year to begin the Well Versed ministry in the United Nations, she said, “I will go only if it is preceded by prayer.”  A large group met in San Diego to pray nonstop for three days in September of 2017. They then traveled to New York City, were joined by others, and prayed for three days in New York City.

Since then a small Intercessory Team meets hours weekly in prayer and travels to various locations to pray.

This saturation of prayer is the foundation upon which the Well Versed ministry is founded as we “bring biblical principles of governance to government leaders…and to those who elect them.”

Judy Garlow Wade and Co-Leader of Prayer Keat Wade attending a Religious Freedom Roundtable at the Russel Senate Office Building Feb 2020




  1. The Well Versed Prayer Partner Ministry Team – you are invited to be on this

If you would like to be on the Well Versed Prayer Partner Team, please complete the sign-up form below. Prayer Leader Judy Garlow Wade can keep you informed how to pray for the Well Versed ministry. We can supply you weekly emailed prayer requests for the Well Verse ministry. We need you!

Prayer Partner