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Well Versed World Podcasts

In today’s political climate, the Well Versed podcast brings you Biblical principles of governance, not merely to governmental leaders, but to YOU, an intelligent, informed, learning citizen. 


Dr. Jim Garlow and Rosemary Schindler Garlow are joined by AnaRina Heyman Kreisman, who is the founder of Align with Zion. Her organization seeks to promote understanding of the eternal covenant and dynamic between the Lord and his people. On this episode, she discusses why Jerusalem is so spiritually, historically, and biblically important.  Her website: alignwithzion.com

Dr. Jim Garlow is joined by Tim Barton, who is the President of WallBuilders and Jonathan Richie, who has studied the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew languages, and is currently studying to earn his Master of Arts in History. On this episode, they elaborate on the history of Christopher Columbus and discuss some of the cultural myths that are heard so often. 

Dr. Jim Garlow & ChDr. Jim Garlow is joined by Dr. Karladine Graves

Dr. Jim Garlow & Chris Shields – Part 2 on Racial Healing

Dr. Jim Garlow sits down with Former Speaker Newt Gingrich

Dr. Jim Garlow & Chris Shields – Part 1 on Racial Healing

Jeremiah Galus – Skyline Church v. State of CA (Forces Abortion)

David Barton Talks About the History of Pandemics

Rick Green – Constituionality of Governor’s Order

Flip Benham – Friend of Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade