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Members of Congress

This is not a photo gallery to look at and enjoy. This is a prayer page. Many people criticize those in positions of authority. We ask you to pray for them – each of these pictured here. We ask you to pray for them by name. Pray for their personal lives, their marriages and children, and in some cases, their grandchildren. But above all, PRAY THAT THEY OPERATE WITH BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNANCE in all the legislative conversations they have, decisions they make, and votes they cast. Repeating, this is a prayer page. Please use it for that purpose.

Republican or Democrat

Let us be very clear about one matter. We are not ultimately interested in the labels “Republican” or “Democrat.” We have no interest in partisanship for the sake of partisanship. We are not ultimately interested in the nomenclature of “Right vs. Left.” However, we are very interested in “Right vs. Wrong,” that is “right” as God defines right according to His Word.

Many of the persons pictured here are Republicans, but our hope is not ultimately in a political party. It is in our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, and the Word of God being followed in our nation. Our interest is in getting every person we can to love the Word of God, especially what the Word says about civil governance. That being the case, political platforms, if they are to bless the citizenry, need to conform to God’s Word, since He is the one who established government and establishes nations.

Because the Word of God respects life in the womb, we do as well. Because the Word of God establishes one man-one woman marriage, we likewise affirm that. Because the Word of God defines the unique role of Israel and the Jewish people, and outlines the consequences for dividing His land, we too honor that. Because the Word of God speaks to economic matters – affirming “choice-based economics (free market) over coercion-based economics (socialism and its various derivations), we too affirm the “free market,” when parametered within Judeo-Christian values. Because the Word speaks about how to lift up the disenfranchised, the destitute, as opposed to encouraging a permanent underclass with a mentality of victimhood, resentment, entitlement and coveting, we do as well. Because the Word of God loves the poor, so do we. Because the Word of God detests racism, so do we. Because the Word of God stands in opposition to the current “politically correct” and “cancel culture,” so do we. We are focused on one thing: the Word of God and its relevance to civil governance – whether that be taxation, minimum wage, social security, healthcare, welfare, immigration, abortion, marriage, a theology of just war, parental authority, educational philosophy or many other issues – and bringing those eternal and transcendent truths to governmental leaders when we can, as well as to the people who elect them.

We believe that to the extent, when God’s Word is followed in civil governance, human pain, suffering and poverty can be reduced. To the extent that God’s Word is not followed in civil governance, human pain, suffering and poverty are increased.

Pictured first are some Members of the US House of Representatives (the “Peoples’ House” or the Lower House) listed alphabetically by last name, followed by some Members of the US Senate (the Upper House), and then a picture of Dr. Jim Garlow teaching a Congressional Well Versed Bible Study.

A Word About the Titles

  • The term “Congressman” can apply to any of the 100 Senators as well as to any of the 435 Representatives.
  • However, since the Senate is the “Upper House,” it is best to call Senators by the title of “Senator” rather than “Congressman” as “Senator” is the more prestigious title.
  • Since the title “Congressman” tends to be more prestigious than “Representative,” it is best to refer to a Representative as “Congressman.”
  • Most female Representatives are called a “Congresswoman.”
  • However (and I understand this might be somewhat confusing), some females are called “Congressmen” as well as “Congresswoman.” For example, Republicans Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black, and Cynthia Lummis identify as “Congressmen” as the term “Congressman” is not seen as a gender specific term. All other females in Congress use the “Congresswoman” title.
  • In addition, the title of “Congressman” is honorific and lifelong. Thus, a person who has been out of office for some time is still called a “Congressman,” in the same way that a Governor can still be called “Governor” long after he or she is out of office.
  • However, just for purposes of clarification, in the pictures below, we have added the adjective “former” Congressman for those out of office, as that is also proper.
  • The Congress of the United States Budget Office states that “Member” is to be capitalized when referring to a Member of the U.S. Congress, thus we have followed that rule.

 United States House of Representatives

United States Senators


People gathered in 2014 in U.S. Capitol with around 25 Congressmen speaking, committed to trying to save the lives of innocent civilians threatened by ISIS.


We thought you might be interested to know that at least four Members of Congress were pastors before they were elected.
Pictured here are those four Members, leading a prayer at a special event in the U.S. Capitol Building:

Members of Congress Well Versed Bible Study

Special Well Versed Events