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Patio Chat 11, Covid: “Making the Downtime Productive” – 7:19

• PRODUCTIVITY: All of us have said, “I would do this such and such (some task we have neglected), if I just had more time.” Well now you have the time. During this undesired “pause,” try to focus on those tasks that have been neglected. Most of us need to cull through files, drawers, cabinets and closets for the purpose of disposing of items no longer needed. This could be an unforeseen opportunity to declutter your life, to get rid of so many “things” you do not need. Now is the time to throw away or give away. This unanticipated decluttered schedule can give you an opportunity to have a decluttered home, thus a decluttered life. Seize the moment. Soon you will be back moving at a busy pace. Use this time wisely.