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On August 13, 1956, Jim Garlow, only a nine year old, while watching the Democratic National Convention on television in his North Central Kansas farm house, sensed his calling to the political arena, and would later call it a “governmental anointing.” Years later as an adult, he desired to impact those running for office with the truth of God’s Word. As a pastor, he frequently invited candidates – Republican, Democrat and Independents – to his church, and was involved with them in countless campaigns, praying for them. At one point, he thought he might run for office, but instead sensed God’s leading that he was not to run for office, but was to encourage those who do. Those words, “encourage those who run for office” have been a central focus of his life for the last forty years.

We are told that the two things you are not to discuss are “religion and politics.” But in the home in which Jim grew up, his farm family discussed theology and government on a continual basis. Consequently, his sister – Judy Garlow Wade – also became heavily involved in the governmental arena, as a prayer leader-intercessor, leading groups in thousands of hours of intercession for those in governmental service, including leading or participating in many “prayer walks” to governmental centers.