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Patio Chat 14, Covid: “Graduations, Weddings & Funerals: Dealing with the Painful Cancellations” – 9:32

• PAINFUL CANCELATIONS: In this season, weddings and graduations are impacted. Even funerals can’t be done in the normal way. However, this is not the time for surrender, but for creativity. Funerals are now being livestreamed. Not the best, admittedly, but it is certainly better than no memorial service. I heard about a wedding in Israel in which – knowing that they could only have 10 persons in the synagogue, but could have 100 in a grocery store – they moved the wedding to the local grocery store and the man and woman were pronounced husband and wife in the fresh fruit section. (The pictures are online.) That is creative. And they will have an amazing story to tell their future children. Quite possibly a more “normal” wedding renewal experience can be scheduled later. What about graduations? Years ago, when it became obvious that my (now late) wife, who was battling advanced cancer, would be hospitalized during the high school graduations of our two youngest children, the school district worked creatively with us and arranged for a type of private graduation. Regardless of the event, get highly creative. Figure out unusual ways to make events special, regardless of the present circumstances that prohibit normal celebratory events.