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Phillip Jauregui with Well Versed talks about the incredible opportunity Well Versed has to touch the world with their work at the United Nations.

At the UN, Well Versed can meet with 193 different nations to meet about bringing forth Biblical principles of governance to government leaders. If you would like to support Well Versed touch the world, please consider donating to Well Versed.

For more information on our mission visit us at www.WellVersedWorld.org, email info@wellversedworld.org or call 855-777-9355.

Phillip Jauregui – Hi my name is Phillip Jauregui. I’m with Well Versed. I’m here in front of the United Nations building in New York City and I want to ask you to consider supporting us. You have many places that you can support, many things that you can do, but I would say there are a few places as strategic as this place here at the United Nations. There 193 nations here and we have the opportunity to touch literally the world from this place. So, I believe its strategic and we would love for you to support the work that we do here and we ask you to consider us. Thank you